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CC&R Violations

Boats,Trailers & Temporary Structures

Are not allowed on the premises per Section 7.5 of the CC&Rs.  These vehicles need to be relocated to storage facilities off premises as they can result in violation penalties. 


Basketball Hoops

Are not allowed on the premises per Section 7.19 of the CC&Rs.   They block parking and right of way.

Trash Cans & Weeds

Trash and trash containers are to be kept out of view from the street, or behind fences.  (Section 7.7 of the CC&Rs).  Weeds and landscaping must be maintained.  Section 7.3 of the CC&Rs.


    Leasing of Property

Property owners who lease their homes must notify the Secretary of the HOA within 30 days of lease of the name and phone number of the new tenants.  (Section 7.17 of the CC&Rs)


CC&Rs were signed by each homeowner when they purchased their properties.  These regulations protect everyone's property values and keep the neighborhood well groomed and inviting.  Please do not take offense if you receive a letter regarding an infraction.  Your property values are important to the Board as well as your fellow neighbors.

If you have an issue or would like approval to change your house paint color, construct a structure, add solar panels, or anything that alters the structure or aesthetics of your property, you would need to submit those change requests to the Board which serves as the design review committee.

Protect Our Property Values

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